Welcome, I'm Carlos Moreno "AKA" Cadillac Charlie and "CEO" of CARANARADIO.Com an online radio station located at 5201 N. RAUL LONGORIA RD. STE E. SAN JUAN TX 78542. CARANARADIO.COM was established on May of 2011 with the concept of playing 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today’s Tejano Music. Our mission is to take Tejano music to a whole new level with no boundaries, World Wide.


     Our dedicated staff is composed by talented and skillful DJ's with more than 20 years of experience in the Tejano industry. The knowledge and affection we have for the industry is the reason we continue to support and promote Tejano Artist.  


      It is an honor and pleasure to have you as our most distinguished visitor and hope you enjoy the music. We also encourage you to utilize our tools on our Website, The Wiri Wiri, Live Webcam, Make A request and Carana Weekly Top 10 Chart. Thank you so much from DJ Zandro, Cadillac Charlie and CARANARADIO.COM